Enhanced Midstream, LLC (“Enhanced”) is a professional water management company focused on building, owning and operating water infrastructure that integrates produced water gathering, recycling, disposal and fresh water sourcing at each facility – Enhanced and its employees are proud of our unwavering focus on safety, providing a quality product to our customers and an acute appreciation of our environment 

Enhanced’s primary focus has been on the expansion and development of our current assets in the Northern Midland Basin, but recently expanded their asset portfolio by adding locations in the Delaware Basin of Texas. Always looking to expand into other areas within North America, Enhanced also focuses on helping alleviating producer’s growing water issues that trickle into the environment, road infrastructure and large capital expenditures that take away from E&P companies core drilling and completion activities.

Enhanced Midstream partners with producers, landowners, and other stakeholders to improve efficiency, reliability and safety of water operations while lowering costs across the entire value chain. Seeking long-term value for all parties through a midstream approach to structuring contracts, managing risk and implementing industry leading standards for reliable operations, maintenance, safety and environmental compliance.

Our multi-line infrastructure allows us to help producers in all stages of their operation from providing water to Frac their wells (approximately 500K-1M per frac), take away of flow back, and continuing to handle their day to day produced water from initial production and beyond the decline curve.

The company has a full menu of midstream capabilities to enable the efficient management of water in upstream oil and gas operations and to reduce the high costs of water logistics. Our menu of options include but are not limited to water logistics of produced water transfer for recycling or disposal, fresh water sourcing and sales.

Enhanced Midstream is taking concepts used by the larger players down to a more intimate level and adapting them for public use capable of handling multiple majors and other producers all on one system. Our shared Asset concept alleviates producers of the high cost of trucking and inherent risk of having more trucks on the road, as well as the damage done to our transportation infrastructure not designed to handle that amount of heavy hauling, not to mention the environment. Our Facilities also alleviate the capital expenditures that comprehensive water management systems require, providing producers the ability to focus on what they are best at finding and developing oil and gas.